Gweimen Children

Dollar for Dollar -
A Matching Gift Opportunity

A generous group of supporters of the Gweimen Centre have put together $5000 to be used to match dollar for dollar every gift that YOU give to the Gweimen Centre between now and August 1.
It's simple really. A gift to support one child now supports two. This is a better deal than any two for one coupon you have ever redeemed.

Please give generously by sending your gift to: Gweimen Centre  P.O. Box 1517  Wheaton IL 60187 or donate online here:

Save the Date!
Annual Gweimen Centre Auction
October 7, 2016

You can work hand in hand to support these women and children to make a better life for themselves. Through a tax deductible donation to the Centre or volunteering your time, you can make it possible for children to get three full meals a day, for a widow to learn valuable business skills and for a grandmother to witness her children obtaining the education they need to bring hope for the next generation. Visit our Donations Page to make a contribution today.

Gweimen Centre
What is Happening in Nigeria?
An update on recent political & economical events

Map of Nigeria

    Gweimen is in Kwoi, which is approximately in the middle of Kaduna province and north of Abuja, the Nigerian capital city.
Learn to do right. Seek justice. Encourage the oppressed.
Defend the cause of the fatherless.
Plead the case of the widow.
 Isaiah 1:17
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