The Gweimen Centre in Kwoi, Nigeria currently operates several programs providing assistance to widows, orphans, and vulnerable children. The 14 staff at the Gweimen Centre undertake the following activities:

Aid for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)

Vocational Training for Widows:

The Gweimen Centre seeks to help people develop self-sufficiency through vocational training.  Current vocational training programs include gaining skills in:

Graduates of the vocational training program receive a tool related to the skill they specialized in to help them start an income-generating business.  Recent graduates of the program received a sewing machine, a knitting machine, or a locally made oven that uses charcoal to bake bread.


Conflict Resolution:

In 2014 the Gweimen Centre received a grant from the World Bank to participate in the Access to Justice for the Poor Project.  Through this project, some Gweimen Centre staff received training as paralegal councilors and developed alternative dispute resolution techniques.  The Gweimen Centre mediates between widows and/or orphans and their relatives, who may be depriving the widows and orphans of their property rights or inheritance. 


HIV/AIDS Educational Campaigns and Community Outreach:

Gweimen Centre staff regularly engage in community outreach, including participating in health education programs, community HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, visiting to local districts to discuss conflict resolution, hosting football matches to educate people about HIV/AIDS, and collaborating with local schools.



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