About the Gweimen Centre

Gweimen, in the Nigerian language of Jaba, literally means peace and tranquility, shalom, a place of safety and welcome.

The Gweimen Centre resulted from the efforts of a community to provide for the needs of the most vulnerable populations in the path of the AIDS pandemic sweeping Africa: widows and orphans.

The Gweimen Centre was incorporated in March 2006.

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Our Vision

To empower widows and orphans through holistic sustainable development. In the belief that education is the means to freedom, we provide a broad spectrum of instruction from nutrition to job skills training.

Our Goals

What We Believe...

...That education is emancipation. We use both formal and informal methods of education to achieve this.

...That poverty is at the core of this pandemic. Most people who are infected with the disease die faster due to lack of food and basic care.

...That, if people possess skills that will help income generation, they will be able to eat and live better, thus providing a longer and better quality of life for their entire family.

Current US Board Members

    Mary Sytsma, President
    Steve Van Zee, Treasurer
    Richard Johnson, Secretary
    Jacquelyn Adkins
    Greg Bendle
    Shari Buma
    Kathy Carwell
    Kelsey David
    Heather Loss
    Janna Piersma
    Rachel Vanderhill


"Do the little bit of good where
you are; it's those little bits of
good put together that
overwhelm the world."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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